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Best Cars for the Money in 2013 by US News and World Report

2013-best-cars-us-newsUS News and World Report recently reported rankings and reviews of the Best Cars for the Money in 2013.  What stands out immediately is that Ford is dominant across the industry; thier Super Segment vehicles & F-Series trucks are all the segment leader or in the top 3.  In the Small and Medium Cars, Ford holds strong with the Fiesta, Focus, Fusion Hybrid and Fusion.

Here are some of the results:

  • Small Cars - #1 Honda Fit, #2 Ford Fiesta, #3 Ford Focus ---- that’s right Fiesta and Focus are both in the top 3!
  • Medium Cars - #1 Ford Fusion Hybrid, #2 Ford Fusion, #3 Toyota Camry Hybrid ---- and Camry (gas) & Accord ranked 8th & 9th!
  • Small Utility - #1 Ford Escape, #2 Mazda CX-5, #3 Chevy Equinox ----- Toyota RAV4 is #12
  • Full Size Truck - #1 Ford F-150, #2 Ram 1500, #3 GMC Sierra 1500 ---- Silverado is #4
  • Heavy Duty Trucks - #1 Ford Super Duty, #2 Silverado HD, #3 Ram Heavy Duty
  • Passenger Van - #1 Ford Transit Connect
  • Hybrid Cars - #1 Ford Fusion Hybrid, #2 Toyota Camry Hybrid

 Read the Full Article Here: http://usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/cars-trucks/Best-Cars-for-the-Money/


1 Millionth Ford Mustang Rolls of Line

The One Millionth Ford Mustang rolled off of the line as Ford celebrates 50 Years of the iconic nameplate.  Check out this video that shows the 1 Millionth Mustang and takes a look back over the past 50 years.

Are you ready to test drive a Ford Mustang?  Check out available Ford Mustangs in Greensburg at Smail Ford

Ford and Lincoln Feature: Active Park Assist

With new technology coming out everyday, many times there is no explanation of how they work and what advantage they give.

With Ford and Lincoln's new Active Park Assist you never have to be concerned if you can fit into the parallel parking space. Unlike some systems on the market the system in the Ford or Lincoln allow you to park on EITHER side of the street.   Most available systems only work on the right side of the vehicle.  

Using sensors in the front and rear bumpers the Active Park Assist senses if the vehicle will fit into the allocated space. You just pull ahead of the space and remove your hands from the steering wheel.  You still control the gear selector and braking and accelerator. The electric power assist steering (E-PAS) will steer the car into the space. The sensors in the rear bumper and front bumpers will signal if you get too close. All this with minimal driver input.

Assisting the ACTIVE PARK ASSIST is the Rear View Camera. Active when the vehicle is put into reverse gear you have excellent visibility and in many instances you also have Cross Traffic Alert so when you are exiting a parking space in the mall you know when someone is coming down your lane.

RalphKFor a personal demonstration of the new Ford / Lincoln Technologies please call me, Ralph Kercheval at  724-837-4210.

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HYBRID OR ELECTRIC - Which is right for you???

The big question seems to be which makes more sense for my driving habits, Hybrid or Electric vehicle??
First lets look at the available options:


The FULL HYBRID now comes with higher capacity lithium-ion batteries that give faster charging times and take up far less room than the old nickel-hydride batteries. There is NO NEED to plug in your vehicle
With mileage ratings of 47/47/47 city/highway/combined, and a fuel capacity of 13.5 gallons you will have a range of over 634 miles to a tank of fuel. At lower speeds the electric motor provides the the power source. As speeds increase the gasoline motor adds the additional power requirements.
With regenerative braking helping to recharge the batteries the vehicle is ready to go when you are!!

Ford Hybrid Models:  2013 Ford Fusion, 2013 Ford C-Max, 2013 Lincoln MKZ

Ford-electric-hyrbrid-in-pittsburghThe electric vehicles are powered by an advanced 23kWh High Voltage Lithium-Ion battery system. It features advanced liquid heating and cooling systems to regulate battery temperature and maximize battery life.

Charging can be done with a 240 volt charging station that gives "BEST IN CLASS" recharging times. You can also use your 120 volt household outlet. 
Ford even has the "MYFORD MOBILE" app that allows you to check you charging status and available range using your smart phone.
As with the hybrid versions FORD offers regenerative braking so you are charging your battieries eveytime you use your  brakes.    
Ford Electric Models:  2013 Focus Electric, 2013 Fusion ENERGI, 2013 C-Max ENERGI

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