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Countdown: 10 Best Snacks for a Road Trip


Ok, I'll admit that my instincts for road trip snacks are terrible. I find myself going for pop (that's soda for you non-Pittsburgh people), candy, chips, fast food as my go-to choices because of convenience. But there much better options out there, and they're surprisingly not much more difficult or complicated. It just takes some conscious thought and just a little bit of willpower to make healthy decisions for you and your family. has compiled a great list of the 10 Best Snacks for a Road Trip that I think you should really take the time to go through. It's full of some great options that are healthy, delicious and convenient.

5th Annual Feherty's Troops First Foundation Benefit Dinner - Reserve Your Seats Today!

5th Annual Feherty's Troops First Foundation Benefit Dinner - October 19, 2016 - Oakmont Country Club - Smail Auto Blog

Feherty’s Troops First Foundation works to provide programs and specialized events designed for wounded military and their families that address relationship building, mentoring, reintegration and looking forward. On October 19th, David Feherty will join forces with former Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff – Admiral Mike Mullen, USN (Ret.) for a unique and entertaining evening to raise money for the many wounded veterans who have risked their lives for our freedom.

We look forward to welcoming Admiral Mike Mullen to the Oakmont Country Club and are sure you will enjoy his remarks.

Click here to reserve your seats.