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Pokémon Go Sends Monsters and Critters Across Smail Auto Lots!

As the world is firmly in the throws of the Pokémon Go craze, curiosity won the best of me and I decided to join in on the Pokémania. For the uninitiated, Pokémon Go is the latest game in the popular Pokémon franchise where monsters and critters (called: Pokémon) are collected and trained so that they can compete against another person's collected monsters and critters with the goal being to "collect them all." 

So this week Pokémon Go has just been released as a free downloadable app for smart phones. Different than previous versions of the games, this new game sends people out into the real world where their phones can "see" these creatures in the real world for the first time ever. People of all ages are now walking around outside with their noses in their phones, hoping to track down elusive Pokémon to add to their collection.

With ten franchises and plenty real estate here in Greensburg, I decided to explore the lots to see which Pokémon are lurking between our cars. It didn't take long to find a few critters right here in the offices and hallways of the Smail Acura building! Grabbed the female Nidoran, a Spearow, an Eevee, and a Gastly right away.


IMG_8758 IMG_8759 IMG_8760 IMG_8761

Once outside, I first encountered a weird looking Bellsprout in front of Smail Honda. Then continued and caught an intimidating male Nidoran in the Bud Smail Motorcars lot, while a cute Weedle was hiding beneath a Mercedes-Benz. I caught a Zubat right in front of the Smail Kia building before being confronted by a strange looking Venonat in front of the Bud Smail Ford Lincoln dealership. 

IMG_8763 IMG_8764 IMG_8765 IMG_8809

I lit some incense to attract more Pokémon to my area, and my friend the Zubat came back quite frequently. He came at me in front of the Buick GMC Cadillac dealership, then I caught a Pidgey at Ford Lincoln before another Zubat showed up.

IMG_8818 IMG_8827 IMG_8830 IMG_8832

All in all, it was a fun experience, even if I confused a few salespeople and passing motorists with my actions. I didn't encounter any high level critters, even though there have been reports of a Charmander at Smail Honda. So if you happen to find yourself at one of our dealerships getting service on your car, or if you happen to have a child with you looking for something to do while you're car shopping, look to Pokémon Go for a fun distraction. Just please remember to be careful and look where you are at all times. There are many cars and vehicles moving about at all times, not only on Route 30, but also on our lots.

Be sure to check out the Pokemon Go, and the Smail Auto Summer Specials.

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