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April 2016

Smail Auto Group to Sponsor 'Warriors Rock' Concert

Warriors Rock Concert Aims to Raise Funds for Veterans and their Families

    May is National Military Appreciation Month, a time allocated to recognize the brave men and women who have served our country as well as their families.

    In conjunction with National Military Appreciation Month, Smail Auto Group is joining forces with Gary Racan & Studio E-Band, Feherty's Troops First Foundation and you, members of the community.

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Smail Auto Group Spring Tire Sale Underway

Smail Spring Tire Sale

    If you're looking to buy new tires, now's the time.

    During Smail Auto Group's Spring Tire Sale in conjunction with Yokohama's Spring Getaway Promotion (April 18 to June 4, 2016), when you buy a set of four Yokohama tires, you'll be eligible to receive a prepaid Visa card worth up to $80.

    If you're a Chelsea Football Club fan, you also have the option to choose the new 2016-2017 Chelsea FC home jersey.

    Free lifetime tire rotations is another added benefit of purchasing tires at Smail.

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Panera Bread Cookie Campaign Benefits Local Autism Organization

    April is Autism Awareness Month. It represents an opportunity to promote both awareness and acceptance.

    Since 2011, Panera Bread has recognized Autism Awareness Month with their cookie campaign. The cafes offer puzzle piece-shaped shortbread cookies — "Pieces of Hope."

    One hundred percent of the proceeds benefit local non-profit autism organizations.

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Waze Speed Limit Alert Coming to U.S. 'Soon'

Waze speed limit alert coming soon
credit/ Waze

    "You probably know the feeling. You might be driving on a business trip or a road trip. Or you might be driving down a road you’ve driven at least a thousand times. Suddenly it happens. You look at your dashboard and think to yourself, 'What’s the speed limit on this street?'" (Waze)

    Waze, the world's largest community-based traffic and navigation app, has now added a way to resolve this issue.

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