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    J.D. Power and Associates' 2015 Driver Interactive Vehicle Experience (DrIVE) Report found that at least 20 percent of new car owners have never used half of their car's tech features. Generation Y owners were found to be even less interested at all when it comes to in-car entertainment and connectivity. (Bankrate)

    Kristin Kolodge, executive director of driver interaction and HMI research at J.D. Power and Associates, says that, "In many cases, owners simply prefer to use their smartphone or tablet because it meets their needs; they're familiar with the device and it's accurate."

    Since drivers tend to use their phones or tablets in lieu of in-car tech, here's a list of the best auto-related apps for drivers' devices.

WazeWaze (iOS and Android)
    The go-to app for those on the road boasts one of the biggest reporting communities - including traffic jams and gas prices. Users can post information about accident locations, police speed traps, weather conditions or road hazards. "The beauty of Waze is how simple it is. Users just need to have the app open on their phone while they commute." (Autoguide)


DailyRoadsDailyRoads Voyager (Android)
    DailyRoads is essentially a dash cam that continuously captures videos and photos during your journeys. The app records everything, but drivers can choose what they keep by touching the screen. "The video evidence can be invaluable in case of accidents, insurance fraud, police abuse, protection from crash-for-cash scams and differences of opinion with other drivers." (DailyRoads)


CarMinderCarMinder (iOS)
    CarMinder offers a ton of options to track maintenance, log trips, record repairs and note mileage all in one easy-to-use app. (Tom's Guide)


CanaryCanary (iOS and Android)
    Parents can save some nerve-wracking moments while their teens have the car. Canary notifies parents if their iOS or Android device is in use while the car is in motion. An alert is also sent when the vehicle is traveling above the speed limit. "You can create geo-fenced safe areas, blacklist others as off-limits and define a curfew time." (Tom's Guide)


HonkHonk (iOS and Android)
    The Honk app saves drivers time erasing the time spent in pay station lines or looking for change. "Just select the length of time you want to park and tap Pay Now. Your credit card is automatically billed and a receipt is sent to you via email. We alert you when your time is running out and allow you to simply tap Pay Now to top-up from wherever you are." (Honk Mobile)

    Plus, parking enforcement officers have access to the app's real-time list of license plate numbers, so you won't need a ticket stub or receipt. (Honk Mobile)



What are some of your go-to in-car apps?

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