Smail Auto Proud Sponsor of 18th Annual Hempfield Community Days

18th Annual Hempfield Community Days - Smail Auto Blog

Smail Auto is proud to be a sponsor of the 18th Annual Hempfield Community Days at Hempfield Park on September 10th & 11th, 2016. Smail will be sponsoring the Main Stage entertainment, including Saturday performances by Lovebettie at 6:00pm and Jeff Jimerson & Airborne at 8pm. Chuck Blasko & The Vogues will be performing at 3:00pm on Sunday. There will also be fireworks on Saturday at 9:30pm.

This family oriented festival celebrates fun, food, and entertainment on a grand scale throughout the beautiful 95-acre park. Over the weekend there will be events and activities such as Horse Patty Bingo, "Hempfield's Next Top Dog," a hot dog eating contest, Legends Car Show, and the Kids Zone with inflatables, games, crafts and more.

There will also be several food vendors, such as Alincic's Country Farms, Big Boys BBQ, Kazour's Gourmet, Kona Ice of Westmoreland, McFeely's Gourmet Chocolate and Udon Food & Drink. Crafts will be available from M and B Designs, Pixie Dust Sewing Shop, Hang R Wreaths, Crochet Novelties, Creative Face and more.

Visit for complete information, and download a PDF flyer here.

Congratulations on a Great Season to our 2016 Sponsored Teams

IMG_9814 (1)

Smail is honored to support our local teams, and we give heartfelt congratulations to all those who participated and helped this season. We hope your summer was filled with fun that will last a lifetime in your memories. 

Thank you to the Mud Hens of the Penn Township Athletic Association and the Lake Monsters of the Maxwell Activities Association for sending plaques, and a big congratulations to Intensity Fastpitch on their 2nd Place finish at the Battle of Lake Erie.

Take Your Best Shot: Hole-in-One Wins 2017 Ford Mustang at Blairsville Library Charitable Foundation Event

Hole in One wins 2017 Ford Mustang at Blairsville Library Charitable Foundation Event

It's been ten years, and nobody has won. That could mean this is the year, the time is right for someone to win this 2017 Ford Mustang with just one swing of a golf club.

The Blairsville Library Charitable Foundation is holding its Annual Gold Outing at the Chestnut Ridge Gold Club on Friday, September 9th 2016 to raise funds for the Blairsville Public Library. As part of the event, Smail Auto Group is once again offering the ultimate prize for an ultimate stroke... of luck. A hole-in-one on the 11th hole will land you this gorgeous 2017 Ford Mustang. Look for more photos after the jump, and find more information here.

The day will also feature other various events, awards and prizes, including 4 Man Scramble, Dinner at Chestnut Ridge After Play, and a total of 8 various skill prizes for both men and women. The mission of the Foundation is to fund the Blairsville Public Library into perpetuity.

For information and reservations, please contact Edward Smith at 724-599-9952 or


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Ligonier Dinner in White: Fund-Raising Event for Community Building Renovation Project UMC

Ligonier Dinner in White

Next Saturday, August 20, 2016 will be the first Ligonier Dinner in White event to raise money for the Heritage United Methodist Church Community Building Renovation Project. 

The "Dinner in White" concept has been done around the world, where people gather in a public place for a meal all dressed in white. 

You can find the unique details of this event, and buy tickets on their website: Or you can call the UMC office at 724-238-2627.

"Are We There Yet?" - Keep Your Kids Entertained and Occupied with these 10 Fun Car Games


I can still vividly remember road trips with my family when I was a kid. My parents obviously rode up front as my brother, my sister and me were all crammed in the back seat with nothing but hours on the open road ahead. This was decades before cell phones or tablets, there were no DVD video screens on the backs of seats to distract or entertain us. If we wanted anything else besides each other's company, we had the radio, the scenery, or we had to bring it.

"Are we there yet?" became a sing-song exclamation at the top of every hour. The three of us would say it in unison to elicit smiles from our mom and dad. We would also each frequently take turns sitting forward, leaning our heads in between them and quoting the movie "Airplane" to them, "I just want to wish you both good luck. We're all counting on you." They were the pilots, afterall, and we were the passengers. 

Of course my selective memory chooses the fond memories, I'm sure there were plenty of pinches and bickering. "He won't stay on his side!" or "She's looking at me!" were likely whines from the back that my parents had to deal with. And my mom would always pull out a big bag, specially packed for such occasions, to distract us and keep us in line. There'd be light snacks, (The official snack of every road trip was "green leaves" as we called them, mint-flavored, leaf-shaped gummies covered in sugar.) the latest wrestling magazines, and a few homemade car games.

My mom has always had the neatest handwriting, so her homemade Car Bingo boards were impressive. We also had checklists of all the US States that we could check off the license plates we see. Then there were always plenty of "I Spy" inspired games, generally designed to keep us quiet and focused out the window. It was simple, it was fun.

If you're looking for some ways to engage and entertain you children that don't have to do with screen-related devices, check out this list of 10 Fun Car Games from Reader's Digest. The spirit, creativity and simplicity of these brings back a lot of those memories I had from when I was younger.



Recipients of 2016 Bud Smail Sr Memorial Scholarship Fund Honored

Smail Scholarship Recipients Alexis Campana and Christopher Frowen and family
In 1986, Bud, Jim and Bill Smail established the Bud Smail Sr Memorial Scholarship Fund in memory of their father, Bud Smail Sr, who was the founder of the business. Bud Sr believed in young people and their pursuit of education. It seemed a fitting tribute to establish the scholarship fund and encourage employees and/or their children to follow their educational pathways.

This year the scholarship committee has awarded the $10,000.00 to be divided among four talented and deserving young scholars. They are listed in no particular order:

Christopher Frowen - son of April and Quincy Parsley
April works in the title office and Quincy is on the maintenance crew (Chris works with Quincy on school breaks). Chris is a senior at Kent State in Ohio, with a major in mid-child education. He is also serving in the military. In ten years he pictures himself being a school principal.

Robert E Septak Jr (Bobby) - son of Rebecca Septak
Rebecca is the Marketing Director. Bobby is a graduate of University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg (Management Accounting) and currently attending Katz Graduate School for Business for his MBA. He is employed by Lally & Co, CPAs & Business Advisors in their auditing department.

Alexis Campana - daughter of Bill Campana
Bill works in the GM sales department. Alexis will be a freshman at Indiana University of Pennsylvania starting in the fall and will be studying to be a nurse.

Ashley Ciacco - daughter of Vince Ciacco
Vince is a sales manager at our Smail Pre-Owned Center II. Ashley is currently a senior at The Catholic University of America in Washington DC. She is studying to be a civil engineer.

Best of luck to all four of the recipients in their upcoming terms and to reach their future goals! We're proud of you!


Are you an Engine or a Muffler? Get your Automotive Horoscope Here

You already know if you are a solid and dependable person, the life of the party, or wise beyond your years. But what you don't know is which part of a vehicle that makes you. Answer just a few fun and simple questions in this quiz below, and find out! Share your results in the comments and let us know if you agree.


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SHOP 'n SAVE's $20,906 Check Presentation to Feherty's Troops First Foundation

(l to r) SHOP 'n SAVE's Rich Haeflein, Jamie Swytalski and Jamie Fincke, Westmoreland County Airport Executive Director Gabe Monzo, Major David A Borden USMC, and Jim Smail.

Major David A. Borden, USMC and Jim Smail accepted a check on behalf of Feherty's Troops First Foundation, as part of a presentation held at the Youngwood SHOP 'n SAVE.

The funds were raised by SHOP 'n SAVE through their "Earn Your Wings" campaign in conjunction with the Westmoreland County International Airshow 2016. Shoppers contributed to the "Earn Your Wings" campaign by giving a $1 donation and writing their name on a pair of wings displayed in the store. The Youngwood location alone raised over $6500 from the local community, the most money in the area, and was selected to be the location of the check presentation.

SHOP 'n SAVE Advertising Account Manager Rich Haeflein explains the "Earn Your Wings" campaign as Youngwood SHOP 'n SAVE Assistant Office Manager Jamie Swytalski looks on.

Jamie Swytalski, assistant office manager of the Youngwood SHOP 'n SAVE presented the $20,906 check on behalf of the cashiers and employees who went above and beyond in their efforts in collecting donations. "It's always our honor," said Swytalski. "We try our very best every year to raise money for Troops First Foundation. We're very passionate about it, this community, this store. We just rally around this and make it a priority." As a token of appreciation, Jamie Fincke, VP of Jamieson Family Markets, was awarded commemorative 2016 Airshow coins for his employees, as well as a framed Airshow poster signed by Arnold Palmer for display in their store.


Rich Haeflein of SHOP 'n SAVE presents Major David Borden, USMC a small token of appreciation


Major Borden was honored to be a part of the presentation and to accept the check on Feherty's Troops First Foundation's behalf. The nonprofit foundation works to provide meaningful assistance to US military service members and their families by developing, operating, and supporting wellness, quality of life and event-based initiatives. 

Borden says the foundation is important to him because they were there for him ever since he received a phone call from David Feherty while laying in his hospital bed recovering from injuries sustained in combat in Iraq in 2008. "It's because of Troops First Foundation, why I am where I am today," Borden says. "Not only did they take care of me, but they took care of my family. They also took care of every other wounded service member at that time. [They] helped me reintegrate into the world that I once knew. Whether it was through hunting events, whether it was through sporting events, specifically golf, or just a phone call from David Feherty or another wounded service member to help get me through a difficult time."

Next year's Westmoreland County International Airshow will be June 24th & 25th and is headlined by the US Navy Blue Angels. SHOP 'n SAVE will be raising funds again for Feherty's Troops First Foundation. Their fundraising goal for 2017? "Higher. Always higher, always higher," laughed Swytalski.

Pokémon Go Sends Monsters and Critters Across Smail Auto Lots!

As the world is firmly in the throws of the Pokémon Go craze, curiosity won the best of me and I decided to join in on the Pokémania. For the uninitiated, Pokémon Go is the latest game in the popular Pokémon franchise where monsters and critters (called: Pokémon) are collected and trained so that they can compete against another person's collected monsters and critters with the goal being to "collect them all." 

So this week Pokémon Go has just been released as a free downloadable app for smart phones. Different than previous versions of the games, this new game sends people out into the real world where their phones can "see" these creatures in the real world for the first time ever. People of all ages are now walking around outside with their noses in their phones, hoping to track down elusive Pokémon to add to their collection.

With ten franchises and plenty real estate here in Greensburg, I decided to explore the lots to see which Pokémon are lurking between our cars. It didn't take long to find a few critters right here in the offices and hallways of the Smail Acura building! Grabbed the female Nidoran, a Spearow, an Eevee, and a Gastly right away.


IMG_8758 IMG_8759 IMG_8760 IMG_8761

Once outside, I first encountered a weird looking Bellsprout in front of Smail Honda. Then continued and caught an intimidating male Nidoran in the Bud Smail Motorcars lot, while a cute Weedle was hiding beneath a Mercedes-Benz. I caught a Zubat right in front of the Smail Kia building before being confronted by a strange looking Venonat in front of the Bud Smail Ford Lincoln dealership. 

IMG_8763 IMG_8764 IMG_8765 IMG_8809

I lit some incense to attract more Pokémon to my area, and my friend the Zubat came back quite frequently. He came at me in front of the Buick GMC Cadillac dealership, then I caught a Pidgey at Ford Lincoln before another Zubat showed up.

IMG_8818 IMG_8827 IMG_8830 IMG_8832

All in all, it was a fun experience, even if I confused a few salespeople and passing motorists with my actions. I didn't encounter any high level critters, even though there have been reports of a Charmander at Smail Honda. So if you happen to find yourself at one of our dealerships getting service on your car, or if you happen to have a child with you looking for something to do while you're car shopping, look to Pokémon Go for a fun distraction. Just please remember to be careful and look where you are at all times. There are many cars and vehicles moving about at all times, not only on Route 30, but also on our lots.

Be sure to check out the Pokemon Go, and the Smail Auto Summer Specials.

Summer Driving Safety Tips

Fiesta (3)

These next few months will see the streets, roads and highways packed with more vehicles than ever before. The weather is nicer, the kids are out of school, vacations are scheduled, summer road trips are planned. But before you hit the road, it is important that you check your vehicle and review summer driving safety tips.

  • Conduct a basic safety check of your vehicle. Check the levels of your fluids: oil, antifreeze and windshield wiper fluid. Check your tire pressure, wiper blades, lights, and A/C.
  • If you have children, be sure you're aware of heatstroke concerns that arise in warm weather. Never leave a child unattended in a vehicle.
  • Remember to share the road with other motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians. It will be crowded out there, so be aware of people who may not see you.
  • Have an emergency roadside kit stocked with a car charger for your cell phone, a first aid kit, flashlight, flares, jumper cables, gloves and blankets, and tools. 
  • Be sure to have an updated GPS on hand (or a physical map or atlas, if you're so inclined) for your designated navigator to guide you safely to your destinations.
  • Don't forget water and snacks, and even entertainment for the passengers. Build a playlist of road trip songs, tablets with downloaded games, and a pillow to stay comfy.

 For more tips and ideas, check out this great interactive guide courtesy of the NHTSA.