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Invisible Mercedes-Benz


Mercedes-benz-invisible-F-CELLHow do you promote the most innovative drive technology in the world?  Mercedes-Benz wanted to show the world its F-CELL Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology.  But instead of showing the world the vehicle directly, they decided to make it invisible. 

Why Invisible?  Because the Mercedes-Benz F-CELL has 0.0 emissions!  Its impact on the environment has been minimized.

How did they do it?  They covered one side of the car with LED lights and on the other side they placed a camera.  Whatever image the camera was capturing, it was displayed on the LED lights making the car appear invisible.  This is a great use of technology.  (Of course, I mean the Hydrogen Fuel Cell!)

Video Originally Posted by Mashable on YouTube.  Check out Mashable to stay up to date with technology and how it applies to your life.  If you would like to read other Mercedes-Benz Articles from Mashable: ttp://mashable.com/?s=mercedes-benz&commit=Search

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