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John Giacomini

I have seen info on the new 2013 RDX and a couple of times you mention it uses regular gas. In the Acura press releases it says premium recommended but not required but on a brochure Acura just emailed me it has a note that less than 91 Octane can damage the engine. Can you clear this up? I am confused.

Joe Suto


Acura vehicles are built for luxury and performance. Because of this Acura has given customers the option to use either regular 87-89 octane fuel or premium 91 plus.

Those Acura customers that desire extra performance would have the flexibility to use higher octane fuel. Inside the fuel door Acura does state "premium fuel recommended". They do not state "required" as they have in the past.

We have yet to see the Acura brochures but I suspect that if the fine print in the brochure states that an octane of 91 or greater must be used that it would be a misprint based on the training and information handed down to us from Acura. The brochures have stated the 91 or greater message for over 6 years on every vehicle and may very well be an over site/misprint from the printer and I am sure a revision would be made in the near future for the next printing. Misprints in the brochures and other literature although not regular occurrences, have happened occasionally, in the past.

Joe Suto

UPDATE: We pulled this information directly from the 2013 Acrua RDX Owners Manual:

Unleaded premium gasoline, pump octane 91 or Higher.

Use of lower octane gasoline can cause occasional metallic knocking noise in the engine and will result in decreased engine performance.

Use of gasoline with a pump octane less than 87 can lead to engine damage.

Acura is recommending premium gas of 91 Octane or Higher. However you can use 87 or 89. Fuel rated less than 87 can lead to engine damage.

I hope this helps clarify the information regarding recommended fuel.


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